• MGK-pack d.d. Rijeka

Where are we?

Our factory is located 10 km from the city of Rijeka, close to the Zagreb-Rijeka. Motorway, and the railway as well to the major Croatian harbour of Rijeka, which makes us easily accessible from any direction. Three international airports are only an hour and a half drive from our premises.



The nearest airports:

Zagreb-Pleso, Croatia 162 km 1h 45min www.zagreb-airport.hr
Rijeka-Krk, Croatia 29km 37min www.rijeka-airport.hr
Pula, Croatia 108km 1h 33min www.airport-pula.hr
Venezia-Marco Polo, Italy 230 km 2h 40min www.veniceairport.it
Trieste-Ronchi dei Legionari, Italy 119 km 1h 43min www.aeroporto.fvg.it
Ljubljana-Brnik, Slovenia 145 km 2h 08min www.lju-airport.si